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Excursion Manager

Leeds, West Yorkshire   |   Seasonal

A management role which requires effective management skills & exceptional organisation & inter-personal skills Reporting to Centre Manager & HQ Team

The Excursion Manager is responsible for overseeing all visits and excursions and managing the relevant staff. Their main responsibility is to make the excursions and activities fun and safe for everyone involved and ensure that the excursions run smoothly. They should create an environment of co-operation between all staff, group leaders and students.

Essential qualities and skills: 

  • Boundless energy and enthusiasm
  • Proven leadership ability
  • Experience of summer schools or working with young people 
  • Excellent communication and motivational skills
  • A desire to work with young people from different cultures
  • Adaptability and flexibility

Desirable qualities and skills:

  • Knowledge of the local area 
  • Previous experience in a management role
  • Previous summer school / travel & leisure industry experience
  • Relevant qualifications
  • Creative ideas
  • Willingness to learn and adopt new teaching methods

This role requires someone who will be free during the school holidays when camps operate and during the Summer (minimum of 3 consecutive weeks)


  • To be part of the on-site management team and work with the Centre Manager and Course Director, including being part of a rota of overnight duty manager care on residential programmes
  • Comply with the Excursion and Activity Manager handbook 
  • Responsible for ensuring that the Operating Procedures and Policies Manual is adhered to by all staff and that good standards of Health and Safety are maintained at all times. 
  • Support the Centre Manager in the preparation, running and close-down of the centre 
  • Safeguard the welfare and protection of our students in accordance with our Child Protection Policy 
  • Assist the Centre Manager with the staff induction and the meeting and greeting of new groups 
  • Ensure that all activity equipment and materials are in place for the start of the course 
  • Plan, prepare and lead an engaging programme of afternoon and evening activities and ensure that the staff are involved and enthusiastic 
  • Provide registers for all activities and ensure they are completed 
  • Do whatever is necessary to ensure that excursions run smoothly and the students get the most out of the experience 
  • Publicise activities and ensure that group leaders and students are aware of and participate in them . 
  • Provide group leaders with sufficient information about each activity/excursion. 
  • Confirm all bookings for excursions and visits 
  • Liaise with the Centre Manager and Course Director in the organisation of the staff rota
  • Participate in group leader meetings to ensure that the programme is fulfilling their expectations and to receive their feedback and input 
  • Feedback regularly to your Centre Manager and Senior Management Team 
  • Complete exit feedback at the end of your contract 
  • Participate in staff meetings to ensure that all staff are involved with and engaged in the activity programme 
  • Provide staff training when required 
  • Create and regularly update an activity notice-board 
  • Deal quickly and effectively with student and group leader queries regarding activities 
  • Research and organise optional excursions as requested by group leaders 
  • Maintain accident and damage records 
  • Manage, maintain and be responsible for all activity equipment and materials 
  • Work with the Course Director and Teacher + (where appropriate) to ensure the integration of the activity and teaching programme
  • Supervise and take an active role in as many activities as possible  
  • Work with all staff and group leaders to maintain staff and student discipline 
  • Write (in conjunction with the Centre Manager) brief staff appraisals for all activity staff 
  • Submit a summary report at the end of the course 
  • Ensure a smooth shut down procedure at the end of the course and return all materials 
  • Maintain the good name and reputation of United Adventure Camps at all times

About the role

As part of the United Adventure Camps management team, the Regional Manager has overall responsibility for a number of United Adventure Camps within a geographical area.  The Regional Manager’s primary role is to manage, support and audit a group of camps. Reporting to the Head of Operations, Regional Managers are the link between Head Office personnel and Site Managers.

As a Regional Manager you should be able to be the first point of contact to managers in your region for troubleshooting, dealing with recruitment problems, responding to incidents and providing advice. You’ll also deliver staff induction training in camps where there is a new Site Manager, prior to camps starting as well as supporting all Site Managers providing them with feedback and carrying out work reviews.

Being a Regional Manager, you must hold a full driving licence, have access to a reliable vehicle and be willing to travel. (Travel costs are reimbursed)

Why work for United Adventure Camps?

  • Earn money and gain valuable experience doing something you love
  • Help to contribute to our mission of getting children across the UK active
  • Have overall responsibility for a number of United Adventure Camps within a geographic area (4-10 camps)

This job description is an outline of your main responsibilities. Within the context of your contract of employment, the company may, within reason, request you undertake other tasks and duties as needs dictate.




Easter, Summer School Holidays

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